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Make your team a 'black belt in Manufacturing 4.0' at MACHINEERING 2023
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14 March 2023

Make your team a 'black belt in Manufacturing 4.0' at MACHINEERING 2023

Stripes, stars and belts also make a difference in 'the world of the new manufacturing solutions'. On the understanding that we are talking here about your level of expertise, productivity, flexibility and efficiency that will help you make a difference to your customers/clients tomorrow through your machines.
You and your team should soon at least get that 'Black Belt in Manufacturing 4.0'. From 29 to 31 March, MACHINEERING 2023 will, in a way, be the 'tatami' on which you and your colleagues will be able to assess your current knowledge against the latest technologies showcased at the trade show. And, more importantly, this will also be an opportunity for you to meet 'the grandmasters' of engineering, manufacturing, machine maintenance, assembly, automation, robotisation and digital transformation.


Jeroen Zegers (Flanders Make) will focus on the benefits of using acoustic systems instead of contact sensors for condition-based monitoring. This type of monitoring solution is quite accurate, and can be deployed on a wider scale. As for Jan Kempeneers (Sirris), he will insist on the fact that the use of cobots is not only beneficial because of their collaborative aspect, but much more so because they provide much more flexibility in programming for more varied tasks.
Gert Muijs (Robland) and Willem Van Cauwenberghe (MT3D) will present business cases for cost-effective 3D printing. In this talk, they will briefly step away from the hype and prove that using additive manufacturing in a production environment can be both affordable and profitable.
Every day, you will have the opportunity to attend at least 3 free Expert Classes, plus the big debate on robotisation and digitalisation on Thursday 30 March at 4.30 pm. You can select your preferred session(s) in a few clicks during your registration as a visitor.

MACHINEERING PREVIEWS - exhibitors take the floor

Carl Dewulf - LVD GROUP: "At Machineering, we want to show that a robotic bending cell doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to programme. We do this using our latest DYNA-CELL. A combination of a press brake with robot and revolutionary software..."
Peter Pittomvils - VALK WELDING: "The demand for flexible welding robots is increasing more and more, where the ease of programming is also of growing importance. That is why, at the upcoming Machineering, we would like to unveil two new solutions..."
Paul Ribus - FANUC BENELUX: "During Machineering, we want to show how we can support companies in the first steps they want to take in factory automation, how we can help them make the right choices & provide the necessary training for their operators..."


Practical information

Dates & opening hours:
Wednesday 29 March 2023: from 10 am to 6 pm
Thursday 30 March 2023: from 10 am to 10 pm (late-night event)
Friday 31 March 2023: from 10 am to 4 pm

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Location & access: Brussels Expo (Hall 8 + Patio) – Romeinsesteenweg - Parking C, Brussels.


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