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Belgian manufacturing sector soon to go all in at MACHINEERING 2023 - "Rien ne va plus!"
Newsletter Machineering
7 March 2023

Belgian manufacturing sector soon to go all in at MACHINEERING 2023 - "Rien ne va plus!"

Sometimes, the most important thing you need to know is in the title. And it is no different in this case. You will either find out for yourself on 29, 30 and 31 March, or you will have someone else tell you later.
Technology is evolving very rapidly in your sector, as the frontrunners are breaking away from the pack. Machine builders, industrial manufacturers and their subcontractors are now quickly turning into resilient and highly automated specialists you will not be able to do without tomorrow. And that, makes perfect sense, as the new material machining and assembly business is faced with multiple challenges such as staff and material shortages, higher wage and energy costs, more complex customer requirements, higher-performance machinery (with specific maintenance requirements and tools) and new ways of developing products, to name but a few.
From 29 to 31 March, the entire value chain for your sector will gather in Hall 8 and the Patio of Brussels Expo. It has been a while since such a fine line-up of established and new technology suppliers have focused so hard on actively demonstrating technology in Belgium. At MACHINEERING, you are sure to find the answers to today's challenges among over 120 exhibitors in 10 technology routes.

MACHINEERING previews - exhibitors take the floor

Geert Cox - HERMLE:
"We are once again present at Machineering. For the first time, we are bringing an automated machine. During the trade show, you will be able to discover the HERMLE C32 with HS Flex pallet system in front of it, live in demo at the exhibition floor."
Karel Vincke - VAC MACHINES:
"We’ll bring along our TruBend 7050, the latest evolution of the fastest press brake on the market today. We would like to show you how software - like TruTops Boost and Oseon – can help you enhance your output as well as keep track on your planning and production"
"At Machineering, you can learn about the hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center, the most advanced CAM system available to the manufacturing industry.  It helps you reduce programming times, standardise processes and improve overall lead times"

Answers to challenges & dilemmas

We give you some good reasons to visit MACHINEERING with your full team from your various departments. What you will find on the exhibition floor: 
  • Latest trends, machines and tools for advanced and hybrid machining and assembly of metal and plastics (cutting, bending, welding, machining, coating, 3D printing...).
  • Flexible, automated and smart stock management, supply and removal of workpieces and tools at the machines linked to customer orders and ordered stocks.
  • New connected and preventive maintenance and overhaul of manufacturing machines to ensure efficiency and minimise downtime.
  • Competitive and modular engineering/design of new and more complex manufacturing tasks using the latest engineering, PLM and MES platforms.
  • New suppliers of machine components, parts and materials that make your supply chain as short and reliable as possible.
  • Technological solutions to optimise energy, staff, machine performance and delivery times.
Practical information

Dates & opening hours:
Wednesday 29 March 2023: from 10 am to 6 pm
Thursday 30 March 2023: from 10 am to 10 pm (late-night event)
Friday 31 March 2023: from 10 am to 4 pm

Add MACHINEERING 2023 to your calendar
Location & access: Brussels Expo (Hall 8 + Patio) – Romeinsesteenweg - Parking C, Brussels.


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