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3 good reasons to visit MACHINEERING

It's a fact: MACHINEERING will open its doors on 8, 9 and 10 September in Brussels Expo and will be the place to be for anyone in the manufacturing and mechanical engineering sectors. After 18 months of absolute nothingness in the world of trade fairs, the expectations of our visitors are very high. 

3 good reasons why you should visit MACHINEERING:    

1. A 2-year-long funnel of tech innovations will see the light of day at Brussels Expo on 8, 9 and 10 September 
Technological developments that you could only follow online will now be on display and demonstrated in Hall 8. More than 100 exhibitors will give lively demonstrations of the very latest in machining, sheet-metal working, assembling, coating, forming, 3D printing, development, measurement and testing. And nothing will beat the sensory experience (seeing and touching) offered through direct interaction with suppliers.


    2. Invaluable insights and technology immersion via Expert Classes 
Machineering 2021 will also be an opportunity for you to attend free short Expert Classes organised in close cooperation with Agoria, Bemas, Flam3D, Sirris, Flanders Make and also with innovative sector players such as Verhaert Technologies, Mitsubishi, Aluro, Ramlab, etc. This will be a great way to gain insights into additive manufacturing, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, machining 4.0, fast prototyping, predictive maintenance & retrofitting 4.0. Are you wondering which Expert Classes will interest you or your colleagues most? Have a look at the programme here.

    3. Registration via one of our 100 Machineering Partners exhibitors will offer you special advantages during the three days of the trade fair, including the special late-night opening on Thursday 9 September  (open until 10pm).

Would you like to upgrade your visit? Everybody enjoys free parking, fast-lane registration, a drink and a snack and some socialising with colleagues in our Lounge, or a VIP ticket for our late-night event... And all this is possible by contacting our exhibitors and preregistering online using the code they will provide you with. No doubt you know at least one of our more than 100 partners, who will be happy to provide you with a link. You will find a list of our partners and their contact details here


>> Register here your free visit 

>> Consult here the MACHINEERING covid guidelines 


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